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Provehito In Altum

“Tomorrow lets all promise we’re going to live the first day of our new lives. We will be brave, fight for what we believe in and well will live dreams.”
— Jared Leto, MARS300

“Dreams are possible. You can do what you dream.”
Jared Leto, MARS300

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Message To You From Me.

Due to my new job I am finding it hard to keep up with is blog. It's a very physical job and it is leaving me very busy and very tired. I have decided to try and take a bit of a break from AMLP,  I am not leaving it completely however for a little while I will only be keeping MARS News/Info up to date. Photos will take a little longer. Once I get used to my schedule I will be able to delegate my time a little better. I want to thank ANYONE / EVERYONE who has ever stumbled upon, checked out, or continued to view my blog. I love you guys dearly. MarsHugs to all my brothers and sisters the Echelon

Provehito In Altum

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STAY TUNED..... :)

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