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Jared Leto, MARS300

Sunday, September 16, 2012

ARTIFACT REVIEW By Criticize This!

TIFF 2012 Review: Jared Leto’s Searing Music Industry Expose ‘Artifact’

If you don’t know who 30 Seconds to Mars is, you will soon. Artifact is the Super Size Me of the music industry, and makes its world premiere this weekend at TIFF. From amidst the band’s screaming throng of adoring fans, Jared Leto talks about his 30-million dollar battle with record label giant EMI.

With many acting successes under his belt (Requiem for a Dream, Lord of War, Fight Club), Jared Leto turned his focus to the band he created with his brother, drummer Shannon Leto. Artifact was born as a standard making-of-our-next-album documentary, and quickly turned into a searing expose, when the band got served with a jaw-dropping lawsuit by their record label.

If wondering “Who the heck are these guys?”, so did I, as well as TIFF programming staff… At first. Once you hear their radio hit “Kings and Queens”, you’re likely to say “Oh, yeah, I know that one! I love that song!” and might even join the devoted fans that have been packing stadiums all over the world.

With the initial trepidation of a woman allergic to anything mildly reminiscent of Nickelback, and an immature fixation on why Jared Leto would ruin his gorgeous face with his current Jesus beard, I grabbed a former-singer gal pal and pressed on. From the palpable near-hysterical buzz of the waiting audience, to the catcalls and screams as Jared took the stage, it was clear the band has a cult following. I had a feeling I might soon fall under the spell myself.

CREDIT: Criticize This!

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